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Spiders can be a common nuisance in Minnesota, and some species can be harmful to humans. That's why we offer customized spider control services to help you keep your property spider-free.

  1. Identification: Our experienced technicians can identify the different species of spiders that are common in Minnesota.

  2. Treatment: Depending on the species of spiders present on your property, we offer a range of spider control treatments, including chemical sprays and dusts, glue traps, and exclusion methods. Our spider control treatments are safe for use around children and pets, and we always take the necessary precautions to protect you and your family.

  3. Prevention: In addition to controlling existing spider infestations, we also offer prevention services to help you keep spiders from returning to your property.

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Spiders in Minnesota

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The Long-bodies Cellar Spider is also known as daddy-long-legs

This efficient spider was believed to be dangerous to humans but it cannot bite sufficiently to penetrate the skin.

This spider species is often found in damp cool places such as basements. But it can also be found out in nature on ground level around rocks and trees.

This spider species is dangerous to other spiders, however. It has been known to kill different types of venomous spiders.

It’s a type of spider that creates a web to catch insects and flies but it also gets off the web to actively hunt other insects and other spiders.

Some medical importance has also been tied to this species. It’s believed its venom is high in an anti-microbial agent called P. phalangioides.

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The small Bold Jumping Spider is also sometimes referred to as the Daring Jumping Spider.

Part of the Salticidae family, it’s a small spider that rarely reaches a length of 10mm.

However, it is easy to recognize as it has the same black and red colors as the famous Black Widow.

The Bold Jumping Spider prefers to hunt for its prey out in the open territory. Its stereoscopic vision allows it to be one of the true hunters of the Salticidae family.

It’s also a friendly spider about humans as few bites have been reported.

It’s assumed human bites of the Bold Jumping Spider aren’t followed by extreme reactions but rather by mild reactions such as itchy skin in the area of the bite.

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The garden spider is a common spider that can be found in gardens and fields. They are harmless to humans and can actually be beneficial as they help to control insect populations.

Black and yellow argiope, also called black-and-yellow garden spider, may be the largest web-building spider in the northern United States.

The adult female body is ¾″ to 1⅛″ long.

The abdomen is egg-shaped and black. There is a vertical row of bold yellow spots on each side of the abdomen and two or three pairs of yellow spots in the middle.

The covering (carapace) of the front segment of the spider’s body (cephalothorax) is densely covered with short, silvery hairs. The underside (sternum) is black with a yellow vertical stripe.

The legs are ¾″ to 2¾″ long. The front legs are black with black femurs. The other legs are black with yellow femurs. Sometimes there are yellow bands on the legs. There are three claws on each foot.

The male is much smaller, ¼″ to ⅜″ long.

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The Zebra Jumping Spider looks similar to the Yellow Garden Spider. However, it features white and black stripes which make it easier to distinguish.

The Zebra Jumping Spider is also smaller. Males reach a maximum length of 6mm while females reach a maximum length of 9mm.

The spider is a good hunter. With good vision, it often looks for larger prey.

The spider is looking for moths and even mosquitoes 2-3 times its size.

The spider might be known for jumping for its prey but it’s also good at dancing.

Make Zebra Jumping Spiders dance before female spiders before the mating ritual as a means of making a good impression.

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The Striped Fishing Spider gets its name from the Latin word ‘scriptus’.

This spider species looks like it has been written on, as its name suggests.

Female Striped Fishing Spiders are larger than their male counterparts.

They can grow up to 6 inches in size.

While larger, this spider species does have plenty of predators.

Snakes and wasps are among the top predators actively seeking to hunt the Striped Fishing Spider.



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