Brothers Pest Management provides quick and efficient pest control services in Carver County. As a local family owned company we are dedicated to designing the right pest control service specifically for you and your family. From rodent and bat control to boxelder bug and mosquito control, Brothers Pest Management can solve any of your pest control needs.

Immediate Pest Services

At Brothers Pest Management, our mission is to provide our neighboring families and businesses in Carver County and the surrounding Area the highest quality protection against pests such as insects, rodents, bats and mosquitoes. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, for residential, commercial, and agricultural pest control. Our service will protect your home from insects and rodents.

Call today and ask about our immediate pest control service options. Often we can service your property same day or the next depending on your location.

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History Carver, Minnesota

Governor Ramsey named the settlement of Carver in honor of the explorer Jonathan Carver. Carver was one of the major stopping points for emigrants coming to Carver County. It is situated on the Banks of the Minnesota River. Population, according to the 2000 census, is 1,266.The first settler of Carver was Axel John who settled there in late 1851 or early 1852. The following link is for a history of Carver, written by John Von Walter.
Historic Carver on the Minnesota River.

What can your expect from Brothers Pest Management

With over a decade of experience in the pest control industry, we design a pest solution specifically tailored your needs and wants. That along with using the latest and best products and procedures will help provide your home and business with a custom plan that match your needs goals. We look forward to helping create a pest free environment around your home and business.

"To me, a successful pest control business is a company who does things a little different than everyone else. The customer is always put first, they are like our extended family and they deserve the best. Nobody wants to pests, that's for sure. But when they do, I want them to feel comfortable with hiring us. I want to provide a service to our customers that they want and need. I don't want to push customers to sign up for something they don't want or need. Every home is different and everyone has a different want. It's my job to find out what that is and provide that service."

-Troy Schmidt


How Can We Help?

Home Pest Control

Residential Pest Control in Carver
  1. Monthly, Alternate Monthly & Quarterly Treatment Plans

  2. Boxelder Bug Control, Stink Bug Control and Asian Beetle Control Treatments

  3. Japanese Beetle and White Grub Treatments

  4. Mosquito Fogging Treatments

  5. Fly Control Treatments

  6. Flea and Tick Control Treatments

  7. Carpet Beetle Control Treatments

  8. Wasp Control and Removal

  9. Cockroach Control Treatments

  10. Bed Bug Control Treatments

  11. Pantry Pest Control Treatments

  12. Commensal Rodent Control

  13. Vole, Gopher and Mole Services

  14. Rodent and Bat Exclusion Services

  15. Spider Web Removal

  16. Organic Treatment Options

Business Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control in Carver
  1. Monthly and Alternate Monthly Treatment Plans

  2. Boxelder Bug Control, Stink Bug Control and Asian Lady Beetle Control Treatments

  3. Mosquito Fogging Treatments

  4. Fly Control Treatments

  5. Wasp Control and Removal

  6. Cockroach Control Treatments

  7. Pantry Pest Control Treatments

  8. Commensal Rodent control

  9. Rodent and Bat Exclusion Services

  10. Spider Web Removal

  11. Drain Fly/Fruit Fly Treatments

  12. Drain Degreasing Services

  13. Organic Treatment Options

Farm & Rural Pest Control

Agricultural Pest Control in Carver
  1. Monthly Treatment Plans

  2. Boxelder Bug Control, Stink Bug Control and Asian Lady Beetle Control Treatments

  3. Fly Control Treatments

  4. Flea and Tick Control Treatments

  5. Wasp Control and Removal

  6. Commensal Rodent Control

  7. Pigeon and Bird Control (Coming Soon)

  8. Organic Treatment Options



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