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Asian lady beetles infest homes here in Minnesota during the fall and winter. As winter approaches they seek shelter inside structures to survive the winter months. Even though asian lady beetles were introduced to control aphids on crops, they have very little enemies to help control their population. At Brothers Pest Management we treat for asian lady beetles in the fall to prevent them from entering your structure. If you did not treat for asian lady beetles in the fall, a springtime treatment around the baseboards of your home will help flush asian lady beetles out and eliminate the population. We also treat the exterior foundation and along all the siding, around the window frames and door frames and the soffit vents. This will help flush asian lady beetles out from behind the siding and wall voids. It is recommended that if you have a consistent issue yearly to be on a regular maintenance plan to prevent infestations in the fall and will lead to a pest free spring.

Asian Lady Beetle Common Facts

  1. The multicolored Asian lady beetle has become a nuisance in Minnesota.

  2. They cluster around buildings in large numbers during fall in search of protected sites for the winter.

  3. Control measures should only be used to prevent entry of Asian lady beetles indoors.

  4. Multicolored Asian lady beetle and other lady beetle species feed on aphids and other soft-bodied insects that can damage plants in agricultural crops, gardens and landscapes.

  5. The immature larvae are alligator-like and appear similar to other lady beetle larvae.

  6. Larvae are blue to black with two orange stripes, and rows of small, spines on their bodies.

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