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At Brothers Pest Management we take the Eco-Friendly approach to dealing with mosquitoes. Because they nest under the leaves of trees, bushes, tall grasses and gardens, we fog all those areas with our complete organic product lines. This is amazing because you don't have to worry about any drift or pond run off. With our organic products, it creates more flexibility for our target areas for mosquitoes. Call Brothers Pest Management today to get your mosquitoes under control. Monthly maintenance is recommended for the best results against mosquitoes as the organic products break down faster than a chemically made product.

How to get rid of mosquitos

Proper Mosquito Pest Control starts out by inspecting the home and finding the active nesting sites such as trees, bushes, shrubs, overhangs, and overgrowth. Inspecting also for breeding grounds will help eliminate the potential to have a heavier infestation. By applying IPM practices like eliminating standing water, cutting down overgrowth, and trimming back bushes and shrubs you can greatly reduce the population nesting and breeding on your property. We then apply an organic product designed with an IGR and treat all bushes, shrubs, overgrowth, and entryways to help eliminate potential nesting sites for Mosquitoes. Mosquito Control is normally most effective when done monthly throughout the season.

Mosquito Facts

  • Mosquitoes belong to the insect order Diptera, which are True Flies.
  • Mosquito eggs need water to hatch. That's why there are so many mosquitoes after it rains.
  • Female mosquitoes lay their eggs directly on the surface of water or on the edges of water.
  • The mosquito eggs hatch after they have been flooded by water. If it's dry after the mosquito eggs are lain, the mosquito eggs can sometimes lay dormant for years before they get wet enough to hatch.
  • Most mosquitoes stay close to where they were hatched so they can raise another brood.
  • Some mosquito species only have one generation each year.
  • In the winter, most mosquitoes survive as eggs in the soil. These mosquito eggs are in a dormant stage called "diapause" which prevents them from hatching if it floods. They'll only hatch out of the diapause stage when the day length gets longer.
  • Some adult female mosquitoes and also some large pupae mosquitoes can survive the winter if they can find a protected spot.

100% Guaranteed Pest Control

As a small family owned and local business, we stand by our work. Sign up for one of our pest free maintenance plans and receive the Brothers 100% pest free guarantee. So, if the bugs come back, so do we, free of charge! Got Pests? Better call Brothers Pest Management!

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Pet and Family Friendly Services

At Brothers Pest Management we customize your pest control service program for you and your family the way you want it. With organic and synthetic pest control treatment options, we will customize your pest control service with your family in mind.


Protect against unwanted guests by having us out on a regular pest control maintenance program. From your front sidewalk to your back fence line, we have you covered. If you ever need the interior treated, that's covered too. Just give our office a call and one of our friendly staff will schedule your free visit.


At Brothers Pest Management we provide our Brothers Pest-Free Guarantee all maintenance programs. When you sign up for one of our on, so do we, free of charge! Now that is pest control done right.

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management, also known as integrated pest control is a broad-based approach that integrates practices for economic control of pests. Like decluttering your home to keeping lawn manicured keeps the harborage zone for pests down, which will help control pests while we are away. IPM aims to suppress pest populations below the economic injury level.

Restaurant Pest Control

We know how important it is to keep your restaurant pest-free. Our team specializes in commercial kitchen and restaurant services to ensure that your customers are the only visitors you will have! Rest assured with the Brothers Pest-Free Guarantee.

Service Documentation

Every customer is set up with your own online portal to monitor your account from anywhere. All invoices and service documentation is readily available whenever you need it. We also give you instructions for safety measures and instructions to follow at your home and business to ensure the safety of your family, employees and customers.



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