Bed bugs and bat bugs

Bed Bug and Bat Bug Facts

Bed Bugs

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  1. The size of a bed bug egg is 1mm.

  2. The number of eggs laid at a time by a mated female is 2-5.

  3. The number of eggs laid by a mated female during her lifetime is 200-500.

  4. Mated females lay two to five small, cream-colored eggs at a time and will deposit 200 to 500 eggs in their lifetimes.

  5. It takes a bed bug egg 6-10 days to hatch

  6. The typical typical bed bug life cycle from egg to egg is 4-5 weeks.

  7. The optimal relative humidity for bed bug development is 75%-80%

  8. The optimal temperature for bed bug development is 83-90 degrees.

  9. Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that feed primarily on human blood, which is required for them to develop and reproduce.

  10. The minimum number of blood meals needed during each instar for a bed bug is 1

  11. The number of instars, or immature stages, before becoming an adult bed bug is 5

  12. The typical life of a bed bug is 316 days.1 Column

Bat Bugs

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  1. The primary hosts of bat bugs are a variety of bat species, especially the big and little brown bats, which roost in colonies, but they can feed on warm-blooded creatures, including humans in the absence of bats.

  2. Bat bugs are often encountered inside a structure when bats are established in attics, wall voids, unused chimneys, or any uninhabited places of the building.

  3. Typically, bat bugs are found in cracks and crevices in bat roosting areas.

  4. If the primary hosts (bats) leave the nesting area, die or are eliminated, bat bugs start moving inside a structure within one to four weeks to feed on alternative hosts. Although uncommon, these include birds, rodents and humans.

  5. Once in living places and having found a host on which to live, bat bugs will become established the same way as bed bugs.

  6. They will hide in mattresses and box springs, bed frames and furniture. Additionally, they will spread the same way as bed bugs.

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