Residential Pest Control Services


Residential Pest Control Services

Brothers Pest Management understands the importance of keeping your home free from pests. Brothers Pest Free Residential Maintenance programs are designed with you and your family in mind. From your front sidewalk to your back fence line and everywhere in between, rest assured that our licensed service technicians have you covered. With the Brothers Pest Free Guarantee, if the bugs come back so do we, free of charge.

Ant Pest Control


Ant control starts out by inspecting the home and finding the active nests and trails. Will ants tend to live in pockets called nest or colonies, they are not always easily accessible. A colony of Ants can consist of many different nest locations. For that reason, we use products that are designed to keep them alive for 3-5 days while they transfer that product back along the trail to the nest source. Depending on how many Ant nests there are on the property it could take a couple weeks for full eradication. We need to trust the process and if we trust the process the results will follow and the Ant issue will be eliminated.

Spider Pest Control


Spider control starts out by inspecting the home and finding the active nests. There are 2 types of spiders, Web builders and hunters. Web building spiders make webs to catch their food while hunters are ground lying spiders that literally hunt for their food. Some common web building spiders are Black Widows, Orb Weaver Spiders and Cobwebs Spiders. Some common Hunter Spiders are Wolf Spider, Sac Spiders, Jumping Spiders, Fishing Spiders, and Crab Spiders. To control Spiders, we must first spray to flush them out of their nesting sites, from there we remove their housing (webs) and then eliminate their food source (other bugs). We do this in a series of treatments to maximize results and get complete eradication from homes and then we maintain a spider free home with one of our regular maintenance services.

Boxelder Bug Pest Control

Boxelder Bu

Boxelder bugs lay eggs on boxelder tree leaves and eat seed from maple trees. When the season changes from summer to fall, you will start to see an abundance of boxelder bugs congregating around your home. They are starting the nesting process for winter. As a group they will get behind the siding of your home and make there way in to survive winter in the midwest. When we come out, we treat from the base of the home, around all window and door frames to the roof line. This will not only flush them out from every crack and crevice but eliminate them and keep others from wanting to nest on or in your home. Give us a call today to eliminate your boxelder bug issue.

Beetle Pest Control

Japanese Beetle

Beetle Control starts out by inspecting the home and finding the active nests or finding the main reason for the beetles to be at the location. This could be for food, water, or nesting areas. We first identify the type of beetle we are dealing with and apply it to the correct product labeled for that specific beetle. There are many different beetles in Minnesota. Here are a few of the more common. Box Elder Bugs, Japanese Beetles, Asian Beetles, Stag Beetles, Carpet Beetles, and Flower Longhorn Beetles to name a few. To control this pest, typically monthly maintenance during the summer months will help keep these beetles at bay.

Wasp, Yellow Jacket, Hornet and Bee Pest Control


Wasp and Bee Control starts out by inspecting the home and finding the active nests and areas of potential re-nesting. We use a product for a quick knockdown and kill and then apply a product in all potential nesting areas to eliminate the possibility for re-nesting on the structure. The best time for a Wasp and Bee treatment is in the morning while they are all still in the nest and not out foraging. Common Wasps and Bees in Minnesota are the Mud Wasp, Yellow Jacket, Paper Wasp, Cicada Killer Wasp, Bald Faced Hornets, Bumble Bees, Honey Bees, and Carpenter Bees.

Flea Pest Control


Flea Pest Control starts out by inspecting the home and finding the active nests and potential nesting sites. Fleas do not like direct light so their nests will always be underneath something like a bed, tv stand, shed, bushes, becks, etc. We use a mixture of products from Adulticides, Flushing agents, and Insect Growth Regulators or (IGR’s). This combination really packs a punch and does not just kill the adult fleas but keeps the nymph fleas from producing reproductive organs. This stops the egg cycles from continuing. When treating fleas, there are normally 2- 3 visits to get them under control 2-3 weeks apart from each other, and then to maintain a flea-free home and a regular maintenance plan is recommended. Common reasons for fleas are stray cats, raccoons, skunks, and other pets in the area and hitch-hike onto your property.

Mice and Rat Control


Rodent Control starts out by inspecting the home and finding the active pathways exterior and interior of a structure. We look for poop, rub marks, chewed through spots, and potential food and water sources as to why they are there. From there we deploy locked and secured boxes on the exterior of the home to provide them with a food source. This is poison, and the boxes are locked and only one of our licensed staff has the keys. We then place traps in and around the structure in areas where we have found evidence or potential areas of concern. While we are doing this, we point out entry points and potential entry points that should be sealed. This is called exclusion and it is an effective way to stop entry into your home. There is usually an additional fee for this service. While traps are set and rodent activity is active, we come out weekly to check traps and bait boxes for activity and reposition, reset and refill all active devices on your property to make sure we are maximizing the results. The main reason for the re-infestation of rodents is pulling devices and traps too soon before the proper containment is met to eliminate potential re-infestation of Rodents.

Fly Pest Control


Proper Fly Pest Control starts out by inspecting the home and finding the reasons for the active fly issues. Main reasons for fly infestations are Dogs, Garbage, Decaying plant material, and Neighboring issues. When there is a Fly issue in a structure, we apply Fly baits around the home and in the main active areas such as Garages, dog kennels, garbage receptacles, window frames, door frames, around lights, and compost areas. There is no way to guarantee against flies, but this will definitely help keep them at a manageable level. Until the main reason for the flies is eliminated, we continue to monitor and bait as we treat with our regular maintenance services.

Organic Mosquito Pest Control


Proper Mosquito Pest Control starts out by inspecting the home and finding the active nesting sites such as trees, bushes, shrubs, overhangs, and overgrowth. Inspecting also for breeding grounds will help eliminate the potential to have a heavier infestation. By applying IPM practices like eliminating standing water, cutting down overgrowth, and trimming back bushes and shrubs you can greatly reduce the population nesting and breeding on your property. We then apply an organic product designed with an IGR and treat all bushes, shrubs, overgrowth, and entryways to help eliminate potential nesting sites for Mosquitoes. Mosquito Control is normally most effective when done monthly throughout the season.

Earwig Pest Control


Proper Earwig Pest Control starts out by inspecting the home and finding the active nests or harborage areas. Earwigs like to be hidden underneath things. They will live under rocks, wood chunks, garbage, rugs, junk piles, etc. IPM is crucial for the control of Earwigs. Decluttering your backyard and around your home will provide fewer areas for them to harbor, therefore, minimizing the potential for reinfestation. We apply the appropriate product labeled for Earwigs around the structure, in and around the harborage areas, the yard, and all hardscapes. Typical eradication is followed by one of our regular maintenance services.

Silverfish Pest Control


Proper Silverfish Pest Control starts out by inspecting the home and finding the active nests and potential reasons for the infestation. These would include, books, cardboard, paper, the glue used on new flooring, and damp areas around the plumbing. The main areas of concern are the kitchen and bathrooms. Removing items from under sinks is recommended before treatments. We apply products designed to transfer back to their nests to eliminate the source of the problem. When it issue is resolved keeping cardboard storage down and monitoring books and paper products is key. Usually, once a Silverfish issue is resolved one of our regular maintenance service plans is recommended.

Cockroach Pest Control


Proper Cockroach Pest Control starts out by inspecting the home and finding the active nests and potential reasons for the infestations. These reasons could stem from dark damp areas around drains, clutter, garbage, food, oils, and greases, not cleaning, delivery of packages through the mail (hitchhiker), and storage. There are many different types of Cockroaches and not all of them are there because of filth. There are many different reasons they could have made it into your home. IPM is very important when dealing with Cockroaches. Clean, Clean, Clean is where we ask you to start. Regardless of the level of cleanliness of your home, the more you stay on top of it during the treatment process the faster the issue will be resolved. We start off with stage one, treat the full interior/exterior of the home and in the kitchen cabinets with a variety of products, then dust the wall voids in the main infestation areas, we lay down glue boards in the kitchen and bait with series one baits. We follow this procedure 2-3 more times 2-3 weeks apart from each other staggering the products as to not allow immunities to set in with the Cockroaches. Cockroach eradication is a process, once they are under control it is highly recommended to stay on a maintenance plan for at least a year.

Bat Exclusion Services


Bats play a pivotal role in the maintenance of mosquito populations, but there is a time and place for them. They do not need to be in your attic, garage, or structure. At Brothers Pest Management we work and excluding them from the structures of concern. With the amount of droppings and urine they expell, it is a good idea to exclude them and sanitize their roosting sites. As bats are protected we do not eliminate them but allow to them to exit the structure through what we call "one way doors". This means they can get out but they can't get back in. Give us a call today and get your structure inspected and plan put in place.

Pet and Family Friendly Services

At Brothers Pest Management we customize your pest control service program for you and your family the way you want it. With organic and synthetic pest control treatment options, we will customize your pest control service with your family in mind.


Protect against unwanted guests by having us out on a regular pest control maintenance program. From your front sidewalk to your back fence line, we have you covered. If you ever need the interior treated, that's covered too. Just give our office a call and one of our friendly staff will schedule your free visit.


At Brothers Pest Management we provide our Brothers Pest-Free Guarantee all maintenance programs. When you sign up for one of our on, so do we, free of charge! Now that is pest control done right.

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management, also known as integrated pest control is a broad-based approach that integrates practices for economic control of pests. Like decluttering your home to keeping lawn manicured keeps the harborage zone for pests down, which will help control pests while we are away. IPM aims to suppress pest populations below the economic injury level.

Restaurant Pest Control

We know how important it is to keep your restaurant pest-free. Our team specializes in commercial kitchen and restaurant services to ensure that your customers are the only visitors you will have! Rest assured with the Brothers Pest-Free Guarantee.

Service Documentation

Every customer is set up with your own online portal to monitor your account from anywhere. All invoices and service documentation is readily available whenever you need it. We also give you instructions for safety measures and instructions to follow at your home and business to ensure the safety of your family, employees and customers.



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