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Earwigs hide during the day and feed on leaves, flowers, fruits, mold and insects at night. These insects live together outdoors in large numbers so it's important to remove earwig harborage sites and treat cracks and crevices to prevent entry into your home which our technicians do during regular visits. During our treatments for earwigs we treat the interior baseboards, exterior foundation and the immediate mulch, rock or dirt area around the home

How to get rid of Pincher Bugs

Proper Earwig Pest Control starts out by inspecting the home and finding the active nests or harborage areas. Earwigs like to be hidden underneath things. They will live under rocks, wood chunks, garbage, rugs, junk piles, etc. IPM is crucial for the control of Earwigs. Decluttering your backyard and around your home will provide fewer areas for them to harbor, therefore, minimizing the potential for reinfestation. We apply the appropriate product labeled for Earwigs around the structure, in and around the harborage areas, the yard, and all hardscapes. Typical eradication is followed by one of our regular maintenance services.

Earwig Common Facts

  • Earwigs are mostly nocturnal and often hide in small, moist crevices during the day, and are active at night, feeding on a wide variety of insects and plants.
  • Damage to foliage, flowers, and various crops is commonly blamed on earwigs, especially the common earwig.
  • Earwigs have five molts in the year before they become adults.
  • Female earwigs may care for their eggs, and even after they have hatched as nymphs will continue to watch over offspring until their second molt.
  • Earwigs live for about a year from hatching. They start mating in the autumn, and can be found together in the autumn and winter.

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At Brothers Pest Management we customize your pest control service program for you and your family the way you want it. With organic and synthetic pest control treatment options, we will customize your pest control service with your family in mind.


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Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management, also known as integrated pest control is a broad-based approach that integrates practices for economic control of pests. Like decluttering your home to keeping lawn manicured keeps the harborage zone for pests down, which will help control pests while we are away. IPM aims to suppress pest populations below the economic injury level.

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We know how important it is to keep your restaurant pest-free. Our team specializes in commercial kitchen and restaurant services to ensure that your customers are the only visitors you will have! Rest assured with the Brothers Pest-Free Guarantee.

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